Inspired by the mythology, history and terrain of the mediterranean, Miseno Jewelry is a modern day collection of feminine, fashion-forward jewelry. Brand founder, Antonio Cardamuro, whose professional experience includes time spent at jewelry houses Bulgari, Bedat and Buccellati, sought to fulfill his personal passion for jewelry while paying tribute to his heritage and upbringing in Miseno, Italy.

In homage to the town’s storied past, an undeniably neptunian influence permeates the collection; Miseno’s name comes from the mythical trumpeter Misenus who fa- mously lost a musical battle to the sea god Triton. a distinctly Roman influence flows alongside the coastal theme, as the city served as the largest base for the Roman navy and had a close proximity to important Roman cities.

In fact, the ancient Roman arch, Arco Felice, the gateway to the city of Miseno, is the emblem for the brand. The Romans believed that upon entering the city through this arch, one would find love and happiness. With such a rich history and landscape to draw from, Antonio’s creative vision began to take shape. The resulting collection of fine, 18k gold, handcrafted jewelry is a thoroughly modern and fresh interpretation of the lush romance of the Mediterranean. The resulting finished gold pieces, many complete with diamond, pearl and semi-precious gemstone embellishments, beautifully capture the influences of the sea and other elements of nature.